These are NOT your typical Headshots!

My mission is to create a super strong, beautiful brand and social media presence through photography that helps your business stand out from the rest. I also want to create photos that fit your brand and feel like the most true-to-you-perfect-fit possible. We will work together to find out exactly who YOU are and in turn what your business represents.



This is where we chat about your business! From the how your business began to where you see your business in ten years time and all the exciting nitty gritty questions in between. This consult will help me better understand what you and your business is about, and it will open your eyes as well!

What's included?
+ 2 hour consult session
+ worksheets and homework to fully define your brand

How will this consult help your business?
More than anything, the brand consult will help provide direction and allow you to fully understand how to visually and verbally present your business. A strong brand will improve client trust and recognition which will in turn increase the value of your business.


Together we will consider your brand and brainstorm the best headshot option for you. Whether the perfect session should be indoors or outdoors; a mix of both; at home or at the office; we will figure out what best suits the style you are going for. Not sure of your brand and style? That's ok! I offer branding consults as well!

What's included?
+ Photography session
+ High resolution headshots


As a photographer, I could chat with you all day about the importance of good photos. Why? Because as a business, you need high quality, unique photos that showcases you, your business and the products and services that you offer. Good photography creates trust! Take a minute and think of some of your favorite online brands - they probably use images that are beautiful and high quality. And it is this imagery that subconsciously helps you create trust in that brand.

What't included?
+ Brand Consult
+ Headshots
+ Branded product photos and/or behind the scenes photos and/or content creation pertaining to your brand
+ Gallery of ~ 100 images which can be used for website, social media, etc.