frequently asked questions


Take a peek below at our most frequently asked questions about family and portrait sessions. You will hopefully have a good idea of what it’s like to have me with you, documenting this special time in your life.


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how long will it take?

Individual family sessions are usually about an hour long. Times may vary for extended sessions.

where should we go?

I'm down for whichever place your family feels happiest. Whether you want an outdoor adventure, a cozy day at home, or a play day at the park...I'll be there to tag along as your personal paparazzi.

what if my kids are acting like wild animals?

If you're not familiar with my style, I can tell you now that it's pretty laid back. I've never been big on staunch, formal poses. So let those kids be wild and free! They'll be happy...and you won't be pulling your hair out trying to hold them still. I'm happy to see them move around, climb trees, and explore their environment. I aim to capture everyone in their natural element. We'll stop for a few group shots, but leave lots of time for the kids to do what they do.And please don't feel embarrassed or guilty if your child isn't cooperating or even if they have a full blown temper tantrum during the session; I'm here to embrace the reality and chaos that comes along with working with children. I'm a mom too - I know how it goes.Taking suggestions from the kids and involving them in the process is also a really great way to keep them engaged. I love taking breaks for silly poses - and let's be honest...those authentic smiles are so much more precious than the forced ones.Honest moments make the most treasured photos. We'll work together to make the experience a fun memory for the whole family.(Please note that the session fee covers immediate family members only. If you plan on including extended members, or multiple families in your shoot, please let me know.)

what should we wear?

Whatever makes you feel great! But if you need a bit of direction and would like to make sure your images are as flattering as possible, keep in mind the follow tips:Choose neutral colors. Deep earth tones and natural fabrics look great on camera. Be wary of anything too bright, or neon as it can look very loud in photos - they can also create unflattering skin tones. Opt for coordinating colors for group shots instead of wearing overly matching outfits.Try to avoid clothing with obvious or large logos as it can be distracting and take away from the whole image. Hats and ball caps can be troublesome as they cast a shadow over your face. Also be careful with stripes, checkers, and busy patterns - especially if you're in a group shot. And above all, dress for the weather! It shows in your face if you're cold and uncomfortable.But don't feel like you have to run out and buy new outfits - just wear what you're most comfortable in. In my experience, natural is always best.

choosing a time and location

Most often, I recommend taking photos in the evenings when the light is at a lower angle. I avoid mid-day light as much as possible as it can be quite harsh in certain locations. But we can arrange any time that works for your schedule as long as we scout out some areas with good lighting. I'm happy to give you suggestions for ideal locations but if you have a personal preference, just let me know.

what should we bring?

If you've got young kids, you can bring whatever things you might need to ensure they're comfortable and happy: a favorite toy, some snacks...or even a picnic. If we're out in the cold during a winter session, a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee is always a good idea.

during the session

Have fun! Try to relax...and remember that not everyone has to be looking directly at the camera for every single shot. The best photos are when you are genuinely interacting with your significant other, friend, or family members.