My supportive hubby recently asked me if there was a lens I was wanting to add to my collection (I think he was needing christmas present ideas)… so I decided to take a good look at what I do have in terms of camera equipment. Meet my faithful team…


  1. My faithful, one and only (currently I’m in a monogamous relationship) camera body – the 6D. It has a full frame sensor, and was an upgrade from the 60D I had previously. I love it so much! Someday, I’d like to compare it with a Mark III or a Mark IV – but that’s not in the cards for me yet.
  2. My nifty-fifty mighty little one – the Canon 50mm prime lens. I love this lens with all my heart. Never actually realized how much I love this lens until I dropped it. It was a really sad day for me, but luckily, Canon was able to fix it, so I’m happy again. This lens seldom leaves my camera, but every so often I choose a zoom over this for a little more flexibility. Upside of this lens – gorgeous bokeh when shooting wide open, pretty sharp (I’ve read that the Canon’s L series 50mm is a little sharper at 1.4-1.8 but is also a heavier lens with a heftier price tag).
  3. The 70-200 L series 4.0 zoom lens. I really do love this lens for portraits. It has produces gorgeous images SOOC (straight-out-of-camera), and gives me the flexibility of movement during portrait shoots. When families are playing and moving while on a shoot, it allows me to pull away or draw them in. It is not the 2.8 version of this lens – something I think I need, but I also know that it is almost double the weight of this lens. While somewhat heavy compared to my 50mm, it is still comfortable to carry for an hour-long hike, which I really appreciate.
  4. My wide angle “drama” lens – the Canon 17-40mm L series. I’ve also just started learning how to use this lens. I love being able to grab a whole scene in one click. However this lens is not ideal for portraits (especially close-ups) as there is quite a bit of distortion and gives you a fish-eye lens effect on a close up of someones face.
  5. The 28-135 Canon lens that came as a kit lens with my 60D body. I need to try out this lens again, and am debating selling it since I’ve become somewhat uppity with my lens choices. I should really give it a fair try again, and my guess is it will be a great lens to travel with – offering a lot of versatility with it’s zoom, and it’s price tag is a lot less hefty than some of my other lenses (so I won’t be as devastated should something happen to it).
  6. The 75-300 IS USM zoom lens that my husband got for me awhile back, but I have yet to use it enough to have a good opinion about it.  But I’m committed to giving it a good try.

I will have to go through my photos and add photos as examples for each of these lenses – it is to satisfy my own curiosity as well!  Till the next post, keep shooting with what you’ve got!  It’s you who makes the image, not just your camera!